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You can also find me here: (NSFW)…

PS. To view my adult-rated work on the two last sites you need to be a registered member to said sites, over 18 years old and adjust your personal settings to allow adult content to be shown. Please do not ask me to show you adult works privately!

Just for infoes (again)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 6:16 AM

I generally don't flip if people re-post my stuff elsewhere on the Internet. Ideally I'd like to get credited, but that's why I try getting better with little watermarks on my stuff so I'll take care of that business my self... So if people just re-post some of my pics on places where that kinda thing isn't a direct violation, there's no need to contact me and let me know, UNLESS:

1. It's adult-rated works on a none-adult themed web site. Porn has no place on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other places like that! It's a violation of the sites' policy and if you see my adult stuff there, I'd be very happy if you report it and/or let me know of it so it can be removed from innocent eyes!

2. If the drawings has been edited in ANY way. Be it removal of my watermark/signature (note that my older pics do not have watermarks), slapping on other watermarks, slapping on horrid filters, changing colors, directly tracing it (I'm fine with referencing a bit), that kinda stuff. Also putting my art as preview on fics without permission. Very often the content of those fics are not in line with what the drawing is actually about and it basically "edits" the drawing!  I very much appreciate being told about that kind of stuff taking place. 

3. If the drawings have been posted on web sites that is specifically for content created by your self, like Deviant Art, Furaffinity and ect. Then re-posting will again be a direct violation of sites policies (unless permission has been granted) and should not by any stretch be there. Deviant Art is not 4Chan, learn the difference! And yes, let me know if my work pops up on art sites like this. 

4. If someone directly tries stealing my identity/claiming my work as their own work! This is pretty serious shit and I'd VERY much appreciate being told if you see anyone do that! 
These should be pretty obvious guidelines for most people on the subject in general. I know there are some that will disagree in either direction, but that's more opinion based.

PS. My Internet connection is very bad and I struggle to talk to folks online, so please have patience with me ><


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Pandalon Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love your turtle art <3

wondering if you do requests, art trades, or commissions?
MizzNeon Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Hell why am I not watching you??

Beautiful Gallery My Dear :heart:
Its perfection~ 
MsObscure Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Aw, thank you so much!! :blush:
Silvuri-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hope you're thankful cause I just spent the last hour trying to revive my old InkBunny account so I could read your TCest comics XD
MsObscure Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Ha, hah, it's appreciated :XD: 
Silvuri-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay!! And now I stalked your InkBunny account and read every comic you have on there XD
Authorian357 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
*recently got back into her old craze for the TMNT because of the new movie and somehow ended uo being sucked into the Leo/Raph skipping, then while searching art finds your account* 


So much gay turtles!!!! x3 <3
MsObscure Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
*late reply is late* Yay, welcome to the fandom, it's a good one! :D And gay turtles are best turtles ;)
Authorian357 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
that alright, also thanks, I was a lone fan in my childhood/early teens, since none of my friends liked the TMNT.
Yes they are, and mix in some SAINW feels and its just perfect x3
XXxxWallFlowerxxXX Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
You and :iconsneefee: have infected me...with the t-cest fangirl virus.......DAMN YOU BOTH! Not really I both love you for it Leo/Raph and Don/Mikey are my OTPS…

Me likey very much....the feels 
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